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An ultra-compact automated extraction system that transforms the efficiency and consistency of magnetic bead extractions.

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Diagnostic Kits

Discover our Diagnostic Kits category, offering a broad spectrum of solutions for accurate and efficient medical testing across various conditions.

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Access our Hereditary Diagnostic Kits for targeted solutions in identifying genetic predispositions and inherited disorders with accuracy.

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Haematology Oncology Leukemia

Find precision in our Haematology Oncology Leukemia Diagnostic Kits, designed for comprehensive blood cancer analysis and diagnostics.

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Lab Instruments

Explore our Lab Instruments category for cutting-edge molecular biology tools, designed to enhance accuracy and efficiency in your scientific research and diagnostics.

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Molecular Essentials

Discover our Molecular Essentials category, offering essential tools to support the foundational needs of your molecular biology experiments.

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Unlock precision in genetic analysis with our PCR and qPCR category, featuring advanced kits and reagents for reliable amplification and quantification.

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PCR & DNA Clean Up

Optimise your experiments with our PCR and DNA Clean Up category, providing streamlined solutions for purifying and enhancing your genetic samples.

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Explore our RT-PCR & RT-qPCR category for top-tier kits and reagents, designed to revolutionise your RNA quantification and amplification processes.

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High Resolution Melting

Delve into our High Resolution Melting category for advanced tools and technologies, enabling precise DNA melting analysis and mutation scanning.

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